So what is the movement?

The Breakaway Movement is an online community of individuals, families, millennials and entrepreneurs who want more for our lives, our families, our planet. Our mission is happiness, through time, location and financial freedom while pursuing what brings us joy, obtaining optimal health and making a positive impact on the environment.

The Breakaway Movement is not only a community of incredible people it's also an online training platform that teaches you how to use social media to make a full time income. Through in depth online courses, weekly mastermind calls and private facebook groups that welcome your questions every step of the way while connecting you to hundreds of people just like you. It is 90% automated with so many elements for your business already there for you to use. You become part of a team of people, a powerful community, who've been successfully navigating social media to make money, from anywhere in the world, all while doing more of what we love. We work alongside a company that follows our values of health + sustainability and gives us the opportunity to earn a full-time income. This company is successful, and has been doing business for 45 years. Tap into what we're doing to make this happen for yourself, get clear on what it is that you truly want in this one precious life and begin to live the life of your dreams. Are you ready to break away? It is truly up to you.

This opportunity is for action takers.

Breakaway Movement is a personal development platform with a compensation plan.

If you know that you are the creator of your reality, that abundance and freedom are in your future, you’re an action taker, and not afraid to try something new, and utilize your resources than this might just be the exact thing that will transform the rest of your life.

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It is short, sweet and so inspiring.  Are you ready to be inspired and make a difference?

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No experience needed… Only motivation and a desire to succeed.

The Breakaway Movement will show you exactly how to:

  • Leverage the internet, and connect with people from all over the world who are eager to change their lives.

  • Start and grow a personal brand around your passions and values.

  • Use automation so that you save 90% of your work time. More automation means more time doing all the things you love.

  • Support, mentorship, and guidance from the most inspiring leaders.

What is included in the platform?



Here we will share every ounce of information we have learned to become successful digital marketers, and to promote a product that revolves around environmental sustainability and personal wellbeing. Get ready to become your own boss and breakaway from a space of lack.


Trainings from top social media influencers and successful business owners on health, network marketing, mindset, law of attraction, pinterest and so much more. Courses are updated and content is created fresh each and every month.


We teach you how to start your business with four figure commissions per sale.

Should you decide to become affiliated with our business you will have access to our weekly mastermind calls. Once a week, every week, our entire community comes together to brainstorm, collaborate and further enhance our knowledge on all things business, health and freedom. Join us live to learn from special guests and top earners within our community.


Joining forces with some of the most successful and well known names in social media today, Breakaway Movement has curated a step by step training that will empower you to create and manifest the online brand and audience of your dreams.

+ so much more...

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