LA Opal Statement Pendant


It’s nearly impossible to capture the magic of LA Opals. Flashes of green and purple hidden within and revealed in light.


The Louisiana Opal mine is closed and covered so what ever rocks are out in the world are all that remains...

e v e r. That’s totally crazy to think about. 


Set in fine and sterling silver.

30” sterling silver box chain.


Chain can be doubled to wear pendant higher around your neck. Allowing for versatility in style


It got me thinking... how well can we truly capture anything that’s magical in life. Honestly. Ya know what I mean though? It’s those moments and things you just have to hold in your own hands, see with your own eyes. You have to experience the magic for yourself. Not much else gives it the appreciation it deserves. I won’t stop trying to capture the magic though and I will continue to share the magic I find in this one precious life.✨

© bayou bohemian  //  //  Lafayette, LA