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Stāy Gōlden!

One of a kind jewels featuring 22k, 18k & 14k GOLD

Some of our most favorite high grade American turquoise that we ourselves traveled to the mine to collect.

A collection made possible by support from our community and the ArtSpark grant funded by Acadiana Center for the Arts and Lafayette Economic Development Authority.

This project has been an incredible learning and growing experience. Being pushed out of our comfort zone to step outside of our own boundaries and discover that we are capable beyond our wildest dreams.

High grade American turquoise. Ithaca Peak from the Kingman mine in Northwestern Arizona.

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After ↓

Hand carved stone molds.

22k bezel...

We were able to create this solid 14k gold snake skin cuff that was made using a vintage leather bangle. A piece collected from my mother.

We worked with Mimosa Handcrafted to cast a handful of our designs. Fellow jewelers out of Baton Rouge who use the African art of lost wax technique. We hand carved a band in stone that we cast using our technique inspired by the ancient craft of tufa cast and handed over our original to them to make as many pieces as they could with the gold jewels we supplied to be used as bullion and recycled into our original creations.

Mixed metals are stunning to us.

We worked with local business Coin & Treasure where we bought old gold jewelry as bullion to melt down and use as the gold for our own designs.

We will be exhibiting our Stay Golden collection and discussing our process at

Kiki Boutique in Lafayette, LA.

Friday December 7th, 2018

from 5pm - 7pm

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