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the jewels

Wildly unique jewels for wildly unique folk.


Inspired by nature + folklore. The colors, the beauty and the magic of nature's rhythms stirred with indigenous culture, history and the stories within folklore. Our work is a tribute to the magic and the stories, to the diversity and the richness each beholds. An inspired reflection with our unique aesthetic.


Bayou Bohemian jewelry is handcrafted with remnants and relics, stone and metal, leather and textiles. Beautiful American turquoise pass through the most caring of hands to make its way to ours so we can create something lovely using ancient techniques in silversmithing and tufacast. A balance of the simplest elements with the most intricate details driven by a love for primitive, age old treasures. We source our stones from families, artisans, passionate collectors and mine owners. Chunky and high grade natural stone set in sterling silver or gold with minimal decoration so the stones take center stage, creating easy to wear adornment. Something beautiful, something for everyday.


the Lifestyle

Believers in magic + dreams.

Bayou Bohemian is embracing the unconventional. Choosing the road less traveled. Forging our own trail. Leading with love.


Inspired by my mama. A true original.


We are husband + wife. A master craftsman + a free-spirited approach. We handcraft treasure, our home, our land and our quality of life.  We are living the  

realization that we can make a difference.  We can be a positive impact for change for our children and for others. We are raising the next generation.  We are building our legacy for our children, our children's children and their children. We are living our lives by our own design while inspiring, empowering & leading others to do so as well.

We enjoy being in nature, working with natural elements and natural remedies. We love to adventure together as a family especially in or near pristine water. Together is our favorite place to be. 

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