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Blingin’ Narcozi Double

Blingin’ Narcozi Double


A stunning statement ring you won’t be able to stop staring at!

I’ve never seen so much pyrite inclusions in a piece of turquoise. You can see your reflection in the ‘fools gold’ within these pieces.

Featuring 2 gorgeous Narcozi turquoise pieces that are filled with pyrite & wrapped in fine silver. With a pair of hand stamped sterling silver tear drops & our hand cast sterling silver ring shank.

Size 7.5

but can be sized up to a 8.5 if need be just let me know in the comments when you checkout what size you’d like it to be


1.5” long X 1” wide

Enjoy FREE insured first class shipping in the US

Please note // due to its natural quality turquoise can break or crack when dropped and can change color when exposed to elements like water, oils, lotions, soaps, hand sanitizer and more. Please wear with care. We are not responsible for changes that may or may not occur.

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