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Ceremonial Gem Turquoise

Ceremonial Gem Turquoise


The colors in this work of nature are exquisite.

Ceremonial turquoise is a type of Kingman turquoise that is difficult to obtain and is considered a collector's item.

The Kingman mine is located on Northwestern Arizona.

Ceremonial turquoise is unique in the way it forms as the sheets of turquoise appear to be folded into shapes that when quarried, cut and shaped in cabochons for jewelry give the appearance of rivers or serpentine movement.

It is this unique property that made this particular formation of turquoise prized for ceremonial application.

The serpent is a central figure in Native American and Indigenous lore worldwide and turquoise was prized for its protective and curative power. One can only imagine the auspicious nature of these two elements combined in the hands of First Nation Artisans.

This gemmy turquoise is wrapped in fine silver & set atop a sterling silver sheet with a half round sterling silver ring shank that’s super comfy to wear.

Size 6.5

(can be stretched up to a size 7.5 maybe even an 8)


1” long X .75” wide

Price includes insured First Class shipping in the US.

Please note // due to its natural quality turquoise can break or crack when dropped and can change color when exposed to elements like water, oils, lotions, soaps, hand sanitizer and more. Please wear with care. We are not responsible for changes that may or may not occur.

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