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Massive Hand stamped Hubei Cuff

Massive Hand stamped Hubei Cuff


This is a statement piece for sure. A massive hand stamped sterling silver cuff with a substantial slab of Hubei turquoise.

Joshua stamped each of the designs on this piece by hand one at a time with tools made from scrap metal pieces he found (on the side of the road for example) & he hand forged into stamps. This is a fine example of made by hand.

We love these sorts of primitive techniques around here.

I especially love how the deep dark tones of this turquoise feel with the blackening of the stamp work. It pops & it conjures olde world vibes for sure.

When it catches the light just right there is a pop of blue and a rich mustardy yellow around the greener colors that make up most of this striking rock.


Stone = 1.25” long X .75” wide

Cuff = 5.75” around with a 1.25” opening

will fit a medium to large wrist best

Please note // due to its natural quality turquoise can break or crack when dropped and can change color when exposed to elements like water, oils, lotions, soaps, hand sanitizer and more. Please wear with care. We are not responsible for changes that may or may not occur.

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