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New Moon Over Kingman Pendant

New Moon Over Kingman Pendant


This tufacast quarter moon was a happy accident. It’s the remains of one of our hand cast Naja pendants gone wrong. Which makes it a representation that even when things don’t go the way you planned they can still turn out beautifully.

Featuring a striking piece of Kingman turquoise from the American mine located in northwestern Arizona. Check out that exquisite micro-webbing.

All sterling silver & fine silver elements

Pendant measures

1.5” drop X 1.25” wide

Price includes insured First Class shipping in the US.

Please note // due to its natural quality turquoise can break or crack when dropped and can change color when exposed to elements like water, oils, lotions, soaps, hand sanitizer and more. Please wear with care. We are not responsible for changes that may or may not occur.

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