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Speckled Lagoon Double Hubei Ring

Speckled Lagoon Double Hubei Ring


It’s the gold & greenish golds that really pop in the light for me! Amongst a sea of tiny turquoise lagoons & deep dark brown webbing.

Hubei is often referred to as simply ‘Chinese turquoise’ even though it comes from many different locations.

For over 2000 years Turquoise has been mined in China. The most sought after by collectors are the pieces with intricate spider webbing.

Size 6.5

can be sized up to a 7.5


1.5” long X 1” wide

Price includes insured First Class shipping in the US.

Please note // due to its natural quality turquoise can break or crack when dropped and can change color when exposed to elements like water, oils, lotions, soaps, hand sanitizer and more. Please wear with care. We are not responsible for changes that may or may not occur.

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