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Indian Summer

For me the idea of Indian Summer is holding on to the warmth and freedom of summer days. Not wanting to see it go.

For this collection it is the inspiration of the Western and Eastern Indians that are woven together along with other handmade folkloric adornments, like the kuchi pendants of the Afgan nomads, that are a vital part of these designs. Vintage Indian and Tibetan coins along with bejeweled Afghan coins, brass and silver beads handmade in Africa, the combination of silver and gold and versatility are the heart of this collection.

Imagine all the stories and all the hands that have touched the pieces that come together here. That's the magic in all of my creations... the stories in each special element! Be it handmade in a far away place or it's decades old, there's magic in the wonder of the stories.

Indian Summer noun

1: a period of warm or mild weather in late autumn or early winter

2: a happy or flourishing period occurring toward the end of something

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