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We Are All One Big Tribe.

Our newest original cuff design is heavily inspired by the Tuareg jewels created by the folks indigenous to the Saharan Desert. Very fine lines and organic details. 

Many of our pieces conjure the idea of One Love for me. What that means exactly is that we often combine inspiration from American tribes and African tribes or many other tribes and cultures from around the globe. Joining these indigenous crafts from cultures separated by borders, land and sea. We gather our inspiration with a deep reverence for the diversity of people and their craft. A tangible respect!

Only the beginning.. the vision

An example of Tuareg stampwork

You can see how our vision was inspired by this Native American design

My hubby, Joshua, nailed it with this one of a kind tribal design, rich with folklore and history. He even made the tools he used as stamps out of old rusty nails and found objects. Just one of the ways we pay tribute to those age old pieces and techniques that fuel our vision. He worked them into the chisels he needed for his specific design he had envisioned, which I inspired, a true collaboration. I love those pieces most I think!

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