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Recreating History

We have just completed an incredible custom project that was a true collaboration of love at its root. Love of a story, love of turquoise, love of old Native jewels and love of family.

A friend, and one of our favorite customers, brought over a piece that was a component to a bolo that his dad had given him. It wasn't something he could or was going to wear as it was. We talked about ideas and he gave Joshua and I the go ahead to do what we thought and felt best with what we had to work with. Many weeks later an old piece was given a brand new life and it is very wearable, as well as being rich with story and meaning. Only a few of our favorite things here at Bayou Boho HQ...

Joshua disassembled the piece and used what he could to melt down and pour into the mold to create the two tufacast pieces that make up the cuff. I made new bezels for the antique turquoise pieces and reused the sterling silver balls that were on the original bolo.

Joshua then worked his magic soldering the newly designed backplate to the tufacast cuff pieces, then much forging, shaping, sanding and filing to get it to the desired shape and fit. He also cut pieces from the original stamp work that was on the bolo and placed them on the inside tips of the cuff for that extra special touch.

I then did some finish polishing, set the stones and did some more polishing...

One of the final steps was to paint it with liver of sulphur which adds that black effect for that age old patina, did even more polishing and VOILA!

I find it especially beautiful to see how those antique turquoise stones seem to come back to life in this new creation. A custom recreated piece of history that "looks and feels 100 years old" and will be worn as a favorite treasure for many many many years to come.

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