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What even is a digital nomad?

In my own words, a digital nomad is someone with complete time and location freedom. Free to work from wherever they are and whenever they want, as long as they have wifi.  This can sometimes be 10 hour workdays or 3 hour workdays, working through the night because the inspiration is flowing or taking the day off on a whim because you want to and you can. For me in particular, it means being available for my children whenever they need me or even just want me present, which can be at the most unpredictable and random times and situations.  It's more time to spend focusing on your Art, traveling to new places or taking in spontaneous adventure. The digital nomad life looks like working from your bed in your pjs or from your van while road tripping.  It's working poolside or oceanside, in a cafe or on a sailboat.

The digital nomad life is still hard work but on your own time, in your own space.  Being your own boss. Making your own rules.  Choosing what your 'office' looks like each day.  It's all about working smarter not harder.  We all know we are in the digital age and that sh*t ain't going away anytime soon. We are only becoming more entrenched in technology. It is the present and even more the future. 

What if I told you I have an opportunity that could change your life. Would you be interested?

I know that seems like a pretty strong claim but I am experiencing the power of this reality everyday.  It has changed my life in only two short months.  The way I think about things, like mindset, money and possibilities. And what I am witnessing it do for people on my team is nearly unbelievable BUT it is in fact happening. Abundantly!

I invested in myself, this lifestyle and this new business venture because having time, location and financial freedom is something I've always wanted. Over the last decade and a half, since my first child was born, I have been quite consistent on creating my life to include time and location freedom but the money not so much. Up until recently I've always barely gotten by with just enough, just shy of enough or a little more than enough.  It hasn't allowed me much freedom to work on projects I dream of or the big trips I daydream about taking with my family of five.  And often!

Well I am happy to say... that is changing.

For starters, I invested just under $10,000 to start a business from scratch. To some that number might be startling but in the eyes of business startup that isn't much at all.  That is no overhead, no inventory, no yearly subscriptions.  I opened up a credit credit that is interest free for a year and half and 2 months in I've only paid $90 out of pocket. I made my first card payments with my first sales commission.  Plus, the card I went with is a travel rewards card so I have over $400 in travel points which basically allows for my hubby and I to fly to an island getaway for seemingly free.

All that and I still get the products that I wanted anyway.  Basically, I was already paying to get these products that after months of research, I found to be the absolute best option, the gold standard, to invest in my families' overall health.  Because what's more important that than anyways? This is before I knew I could become a distributor and make my investment back within my first few sales. BONUS!

What products?  You might be thinking...

My husband and I were on the hunt (for years it feels) for a water filtration system for our home because we were so tired of buying bottled water.  Bottled water is awful for our environment.

It's not the best for our bodies because the water is dead and we were ingesting micro plastics.  Tap water is never really and option for us, because ewww, so it also sucks when you have to make a trip to the store if you are thirsty and out of water.  Continually and consistently buying bottles of water and contributing to the 29 billion bottles discarded a year.

Meet the K8.  The game changer.

We discovered the Enagic products and I am so very grateful our search wasn't complete until we did. Enagic makes the only medical grade water ionizer on the market.  You hook this machine up to your faucet (so simple to do) and you have access to the best water. Seriously!  Kangen water, which is what Enagic calls the water their systems provide, has not only high pH but more importantly it is hydrogen-rich.  Scientists have studied that the health benefits you get from water comes from the active hydrogen not the high pH alone.  There are hundreds of medical studies, and I am more than happy to share the compilations with you, posted on pub-med and beyond that highlight the safe, healing qualities of hydrogen. Hydrogen acts as a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants target free radicals which cause cancer and oxidation which causes aging.  Kangen water also reduces inflammation which is the root cause of most leading diseases and it's also multi-clustered which allows it to be better absorbed by your body, immediately, and penetrate all of your organs which is super hydrating, detoxifying and highly beneficial to your health.

As I write this, I have had access to the most ALIVE water from the convenience of my faucet, for 2 months and its only cost me $90. And how's that? Because... COMMISSION.  I would have payed at least twice that buying bottled water. Plus, I invested in a business whose mission is to make a difference.

What makes Enagic different?

For over four decades, Enagic International has been the leader in manufacturing water- ionization systems that transform regular tap water into pure, healthy, electrolytically-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water.  Enagic International is a member in good standing of the prestigious Direct Selling Association, Enagic holds the Water Quality Association Gold Seal for product certification and it is certified for quality control and environmental management.

By simply investing in one of their products you can become a distributor for Enagic.  They believe the best way to market their products is by the very people who use, trust and stand behind them.  Less like selling and more like sharing which is what I love about it. Sharing products we believe in and are passionate about because of the effect they are having on our health, our lives and the planet. 

And it gets better.

Enagic has a generous compensation plan that is so good it's patented. You can earn commission from a few hundred dollars a sale to a few thousand dollars a sale and you never loose your rank with the company. And the best part is that after a certain number of sales, direct + indirect, you reach a rank that pays out a $30,000 bonus and $5,000 a month ongoing. You can basically retire then and still be making 5k a month. Passive income is where it's at!  Plus, you can pass this on to your children. How beautiful is that? And you only go up from there.  I am witnessing people reach this rank in the business in less than 3 years. One beauty in particular isn't even 30 years old, and she's accomplished it while traveling the world. Crazy but true!

I am witnessing people on my team earn 5 figures in a week or a day even and they've been in the business for less than a year. No joke.  Reflecting on how it's more money in a day/week then made in some months or even years before this opportunity.

You can do this work from anywhere, the earning potential is unlimited, you can stand behind the products you are selling/sharing and the company making them,  you can make a difference in your life and lives of others.

It gets even better...

Welcome to Live Your Alchemy.  It's a community, it's a training platform, it's a movement.  With all the support and resources in place to teach you everything you need to know to start and grow your business. And be successful.  The support within the community is priceless, honestly.  Like-minds changing lives.  The platform basically does all the work for you.  The website, the training materials, weekly mastermind calls, accountability partners, mentors, and more is being added all the time. One of the things I love the most about LYA is that the common theme is encouraging people to be their authentic selves.  Guiding us to find our voice and how we want to show up for ourselves and our business.  Inspiring us to level up our lives overall.  All with the support of a community of people who have been where you are, where you've been and where you want to be. 

You can join Live Your Alchemy for FREE for a limited time and before you even affiliate with Enagic. So you can give it a try and see if it feels good for you OR start getting to work on your mindset and personal development right away. You can feel the support of the growing community to help inspire you and guide you. At least one person in the community (if not many) has already asked the questions you are pondering.

One of my mentors joined in Feb. 2019 and finished the year making multiple 6 figures.  When you join the community you will get to work 1:1 with me, my mentors and our growing team.  



You can find more info about the water HERE.



If you have any questions I am just an email or message away.  Please do not hesitate to reach out.

With all my love,


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