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It’s A New Year, It’s A New Decade.

I took this picture just after I dropped my youngest off at school for the very first time a few months ago. As I look at all the growth and expansion in my heart that has and is happening since that very day I am left with this feeling of sheer excitement for the new year and new decade fast approaching. All the beautiful pieces within myself I have only begun to uncover in new ways. I want to say it all began on a search for clean drinking water but I know the beginning for me goes even farther back than that. It’s just the discovery of that recent search that has led to so many beautiful and empowering connections. A search that had been ongoing for over a year but I can’t even express how happy I am that it wasn’t concluded until I discovered the Enagic products. It’s so divinely amazing to me how I happened upon a life changing opportunity while on a search for clean drinking water that didn’t come from a plastic bottle. But that is how it happened and I could not be more grateful for the abundance of incredible humans I have been working with. Globally! It’s both precious and powerful simultaneously. Our version of ‘without borders’.

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Beyond my wildest expectations of what is possible. That is my favorite part of watching how the Universe works. We often can’t even yet perceive how something will workout to provide for the creation of our dreams. Our work is to be clear on what we want and to take action towards our dreams while having trust and faith that things will unfold as they should. We have the most incredible ALIVE water to not only drink but to cook, clean, and bathe with as well, tapped into our faucet. This is such a gift that will continue to give to us everyday.

< Click HERE to discover more about the water > Bonus I also received friends, mentors and business associates to grow alongside of. Everyday we show each other what’s possible and we encourage each other through our own tribulations and triumphs. It truly is so much more than a business, it is a family. As we have successfully wrapped up Christmas and I’ve given my gifts to others I’m sharing this with you today as a gift to myself. I’m ready to make the announcement official. I know by now you may have seen at least one of my posts or stories about the water or the community but I’m here to be clear and intentional about this new business (and personal) endeavor that I am super excited to be embarking on as I welcome a brand new decade. So here it is folks... I have affiliated with Enagic + I am a Kangen water distributor. I’m a work in progress as I navigate how to combine my passions seamlessly but I’m confident that things will continue to unfold as I allow them to. It’s different than anything I’ve ever done before but it feels so right and so good. I welcome the growth as I dive into unknown territories within myself and beyond. This company is incredible y’all and I look forward to opening your hearts to some things you may or may not have considered to be possible as I continue to unfurl and grow in the direction of my dream life. If your curious about the water, the opportunity or have any questions for me send me a message. Let's connect + chat about our dreams and how we can get the ball rolling towards them in 2020.

Many Blessings,

J. Morvant

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