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Pace Yourself.

The road to changing the world is never-ending. - Rupi Kaur/pace yourself I never really consciously considered taking on the work of changing the world but honestly, we all know it needs some changing. I am in the trenches of doing my part to change what I can.

Mostly my work is being my authentic self against all odds and figuring out who that even is but even more consequential my work is being a mother. Raising children who are compassionate and respectful. Young humans who are conscious, considerate and ultimately who are Love inwardly and outward. Strong individuals who are awareness and kindness. I’m doing this part everyday and it is definitely not easy but it is essential.

I certainly do not always remember that this is in fact what I am doing when I often spend my days in ‘fighting’ or ‘law enforcement’ as I call it because it is truly how it feels most days. Some days I feel like I’m getting it all wrong but nonetheless I show up everyday. It is a continual force this mothering journey. I often find myself in tears and frustration but with equal intensity there is laughter and so much joy. Everyday repeating those small things that are important and feel like giant things as I do my best to guide these young, fresh lives to be the best version of themselves. Sometimes it’s enforcing consequences when they repeatedly choose to do what they want to do instead of first doing the few things they need to do to be responsible or helpful, their ‘work’ in the present moment. Reminding them often to make good choices. Or maybe it’s trying to get them in the practice of noticing when they can lend a hand without having to be asked (or basically begged).

Children are no joke, especially in our modern reality, with all of the distractions at our finger tips. It’s vital for me to remember that my everyday challenges here in my trenches are part of something so much bigger.

And while I can sometimes feel like all I have time for is being a mom that is the most important work anyway. I am raising and growing the future and maybe just maybe at least three consequential, significant, substantial and even earthshaking parts of that change. Pace yourself indeed! 

All my love,


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