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I Was A Single Mom Once

When I was 28 years old I got pregnant for a guy I had only been dating for a few months. A guy I would have never chosen to start a family with. We did have fun together. Unhealthy fun surrounded by bad choices. BUT from that toxic lifestyle, my whole future was born. Things can change. I built a beautiful life around all the things I’ve ever wanted. Isn’t it wild how that happens. Everything does happen for a reason. My choices from the moment I discovered I was gonna be a mama made all the difference. When I was eight months pregnant I road tripped back home to Louisiana from California. I always new I’d raise my family where I grew up but in that present moment, after living on the beaches in Southern California, I did not expect to meet my life partner back here in Cajun country. I was a single mom once, thankful for my village. When my daughter was two years old I met my husband. He legally adopted our girl and we’ve since had two beautiful sons and are building the life we want. Sure we may still be figuring out what it is we truly want and what our dream life even looks like for us. Like honing in + fine tuning our grand wish list. I get to do life with my best friend. My best friends actually.  The good, the bad, the ugly and THE BEST days. And yes sometimes days can be ugly, often intense. We do it ALL together though. We dream individually and together. It’s been almost thirteen years but it often feels like we’ve only just begun. My biggest key to making it work: 


Life is in the choices we make.

With love,


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