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Straight Outta India

A branch of the Indian Summer 2016 series #straightouttaIndia is an exclusive collection I've created for the Hemline stores that currently carry Bayou Bohemian jewels. Limited one of a kind pieces available in Lafayette and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is a growing collection with new authentic pieces being sourced and imported straight outta Rajasthan, India. These hand selected bejeweled adornments are authentic indigenous works of the area. I am excited about the mix of color and metals that are seen throughout these genuine East Indian works of art. Its a vibrant collection rich with tradition. Many of the pieces are versatile and can be worn at least two different ways, for example, all of the longer necklaces can be worn long or doubled as a choker on most which I find to be a great bargain as you get two looks in one necklace.

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